The Singing Saw At Christmastime

Julian Koster is a member of Neutral Milk Hotel and is known for using the musical saw on many of their records. The band was popular in the 1980’s, and they were known for their experimental instrumental pieces. In 2008 Koster appeared on NPR and was interviewed about his playing. This is an interview with Koster, who plays a few songs on his saw, which he named Badger, a fine name for a saw. He offers some ideas about the saw and plays a few Christmas songs from his only solo album, The Singing Saw At Christmastime. 

Season’s Greetings With The Singing Saw

Although Julian Koster’s choice of musical instrument is unusual, the songs he plays on it are not. Sometimes lonely and sometimes haunting, the songs on The Singing Saw at Christmastime are childlike, comforting, fresh and warm. Hear a session from WXPN.



Rowena Southard, your blog hostess, is a musical saw enthusiast who lives in California. She loves all kinds of music and has a special fondness for unusual instruments.