The Weaver Who?

According to the Mussehl & Westphal website, Clarence Mussehl was inspired to make musical saws after seeing the Weaver Bothers perform in 1919. But who were the Weaver Brothers? During their time, there were very popular, and they worked with many famous acts such as Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, and Roy Rogers. Leon Weaver was born in 1882 and Frank Weaver was born in 1891 in Missouri. Here’s a great little clip about the Weaver Brothers and their sidekick, Elviry.


9 The Weaver Bro and Elviry

Uploaded by Missouri State Outreach on 2014-09-03.

Here’s a recording of the Weaver Brothers singing “Prison Sorrows.” It doesn’t include a saw, but you can get an idea of their music. Thanks to our friend and fellow saw enthusiast, Art Peterson, for suggesting this recording!


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