Online Master Class by Eric Jon Johnson

One of the finest saw players I have met is Eric Jon Johnson from California. Not only is he an excellent saw player, but he is also a fine craftsman who specializes in making musical saws. I had the pleasure of visiting his workshop a couple of years ago, and one thing I noticed is his attention to detail and the marvelous suggestions he gave me when he watched me play. I think his expertise in saw making makes him a better teacher and player. He makes musical saws, bows, and all kinds of accessories. You can take a look at his online shop, the Musical Saw Shop, and here, he offers a free online lesson, the first in a series of lessons to come.

There aren’t many free online musical saw courses for serious saw players, so take a look at this lesson. You won’t be sorry. You should also watch the video after the lesson so you can see what a fine saw player he is.


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