Guest Author Jules Lawrence! How to Transport Your Saw

Now here’s an irony which has amused me for some time- how to transport one’s beloved saw or saws. Firstly you want the things safe and protected, ideally with a handle which makes them easy to carry. Secondly- in these days of paranoia the saw cold easily be construed as an offensive weapon &, at best, not drawing attention to it is certainly a good move.

Hence- a good, solid case is the order of the day. Now – if your set up is like mine, its long, longer than will fit in most off-the-shelf cases, carry boxes, photography bags etc. However- there is one source of a really nice range of options. Here’s the irony- gun or bow cases from sports shops. In an effort to make my saws less intimidating they now live in a compound bow archery case! Yeah- high impact archery is nowhere near as dangerous as a decidedly blunt 32” piece of steel! I laugh, but on a more serious note it has allowed me to check my gear in on flights without issue and that’s got to be deal breaker….


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Jules from the south coast of the UK here. I’m, for want of a better term, a rock multi-instrumentalist specializing in various wind instruments- saxes, flute, harmonics, as well as the musical saw. While I’ve always been something of a jack-of-all-trades this has served me well down the ages- from Glastonbury through to the Vienna Jazz festival & The Barbican Centre in London….