Gene Rodemich

Gene Rodemich was a fine orchestra leader and piano player who worked in the 20s and 30s. His band included many great musicians of the time, and he became well-known for his involvement in early animation. He provided the music for over 100 cartoons. Here is a marvelous recording by his band of an old song “When I Think Of You” that includes a fine saw solo. This particular recording is from the late 20s. You can hear the saw about 52 seconds into the recording. The musician isn’t listed, but the saw playing is very good and fits right in with the rest of the recording. Rodemich was a fine band leader who appreciated the beauty of the musical saw.


There isn’t a saw in this cartoon, but it’s great fun and you can hear Gene Rodemich play the piano. Who knew there was “Tom and Jerry” before there was “Tom and Jerry”?


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