No Suits Required!

There’s nothing inherently musical about a saw, and we don’t usually think of music when we think of hand tools, but it is possible to make beautiful music on a hand saw. In order to do this, you simply need a handsaw, a bow or a hammer, and a little patience. You can play a regular handsaw, and there are also several companies that make saws specifically for playing music. These saws are usually longer and wider than a regular handsaw so they can play a wider range of notes. Mussehl & Westphal is a popular producer of musical saws that’s been around since the early 1920’s and advertised extensively in magazines. The advertisement below appeared in Popular Mechanics. If you look closely at the picture of these well-dressed fellows, you can see that two of the men are playing with soft hammers and two are playing with violin bows. This advertisement for their saws promises “big money” which is probably a bit of a stretch. The men look snappy in their suits though, and they are lined up quite nicely.

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Rowena Southard, your blog hostess, is a musical saw enthusiast who lives in California. She loves all kinds of music and has a special fondness for unusual instruments.